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KakaoHeads is the best way to use KakaoTalk messages that you can send and receive for free.
You can install KakaoHeads on Baw Repo to add KakaoTalk Chathead to an iOS device.
Use KakaoTalk Chathead to check and reply to KakaoTalk messages that have just arrived in all apps with a touch of one touch.
Unlike iOS's 'fast response', you can use emoticons, photo uploads, and message history checks.

KakaoHeads was tested in iOS 12.1.1 iPhone 6s.
Depending on the version, device, and installed tweaks, KakaoHeads may not work normally.
I am not rich enough to have all the devices, so I cannot fix the problem that arises from hardware elements such as resolution problems that occur only on certain devices.

RocketBootstrap was used for communication between KakaoTalk and SpringBoard.
RocketBootstrap for iOS 12 can be downloaded from http://rpetri.ch/repo/.

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ps. I admire the developers of KakaoTalk.

What's New?

Thanks for using KakaoHeads!

  1. [ADDED] If ChatHeads by c1d3r is installed, KakaoHeads works in ChatHeads' compatibility mode.








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